We have the expertise and knowledge to fabricate aluminum bodies from start to finish using modern frame jigs and welding equipment. A complete sheet metal fabrication department including computer controlled brake press supports our body and repair work.
We also fabricate custom polypropylene bodies. Our CNC router can be programmed to router out precise pieces from large polypropylene sheets that will then be welded together to create a custom body for any apparatus. Polypropylene is a very strong, non-corrosive, and rust resistant plastic material. It will provide years of long lasting strength and cosmetic appeal.

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About Us

Valley fire equipment

Valley Fire Equipment has been in operation for over 30 years. We strive to serve the communities in the New England area with all of their specific apparatus needs.

Our continued service to our customers is what makes our company outshine the rest. We appreciate every minute that goes into fabricating each of these fire or emergency apparatus.
Valley Fire Equipment is known for its high quality fabrication.

We often exceed our customer expectations with pride.
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Many of our technicians and employees are volunteers or retired volunteers in their home towns. They take pride in their skills and performance because they know how integral it is to the departments overall success. It absolutely makes custom building fire apparatus that much more rewarding!